Blink's story

Reinventing a stale industry, and how we give back

Our Story

There had to be a better way

Greg, a broker of 25+ years, with multiple “Broker of the Year” awards, saw that times were changing.

The mortgage process had too much fat and not enough efficiency.

It wasn’t enough to provide mortgage advice face to face, he needed to pair his expertise with technology. The new way to buy a home had to be smooth and simple, completely online, and with the customer in control.
Greg found Carter, a young marketer who knew how to simplify complex processes. 

Together, they built Blink.  

The home buying process shouldn’t be painful. You’ve already done the hard work by saving up for a down payment and avoiding financial pitfalls.

Let's make buying a home, feel like being at home.
Blink began in 2016
All Canadian provinces
(except Quebec)
You’ll find us in Calgary

Our Social Impact

Everyone should have a home.

Every night 35,000 Canadians experience homelessness.

Here’s how we’re trying to help!

When we started Blink, we asked ourselves, “How can we revolutionize the mortgage industry, while driving social impact throughout Canada?“. Each Co-founder and early employee agreed unanimously - no matter how many mortgages we broker, acting on this question would be key to our success.
It soon became clear that while helping people achieve their dreams of owning a home, we support high impact homelessness organizations across Canada. Our objective is to help end the cycle of homelessness and make sure everyone has a place they can call home.

Every time we help a customer secure their mortgage, we locate the partner organization nearest to the home and make a donation to their outstanding efforts.

We pledge 5% of profit to local homelessness organizations.

Helping local artists

While helping you decorate!

Blink is proud to support young artists pursuing their creative passions. We believe that the choice to follow your dreams is a brave decision and institutions that can provide support to artists should do so. We sponsor one featured artist at any particular time and commission a painting for your new home (for more details, please chat with us). The primary goal for our artist partnership is to provide steady work for someone pursuing their passion that may not yet be financially stable while showcasing their exceptional talents.

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