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Our team frequently talks about how painful it was to buy our first home.

My goal is to provide the process we wished was available to us… texting, chat, and straight-forward answers.

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"The staff at blink mortgages are top notch! they helped us obtain a better rate then any other lenders in town. They were extremely helpful in answering any questions we had. As first time home buyers, Colton took the time to explain things to us... Thanks Colton!"
"Dealing with Blink was awesome! Super easy interface to navigate, they quickly responded to all my questions, and helped me pick the best combination of factors - along with the best rate. 5/5, would borrow again!"
"(Blink) was always readily available to answer any questions we had, even after hours and on weekends. Greg took the time to explain different options to us, provide a market analysis, and evaluate the pros and cons associated with each mortgage..."